HelpingStudent.com is a UK registered company came into operation in 2008. Our aim is to help and support students around the globe. Initially we are providing the following services:
Education Web Portal
education.helpingstudent.com online service enables students to search institutes around the UK according to their interests e.g. university ranking, course rating, course fee, institute’s faculty, and other services available. Student web portal help students to find competitive facilities around their campuses. Institute related information is updated by the respective colleges and universities themselves.
Thesis Binding
Helping Students Ltd is proud to offer very low rates to students around the UK for their thesis and dissertation bindings. Orders can be given online at binding.helpingstudent.com. Documents submitted for bindings are discarded 7 days after the copies are delivered. Helping Student Ltd follows a strict policy to ensure the rightful ownership of all documents.
Online Articles
To help students gain valuable knowledge and advices from experienced people we offer articles.helpingstudent.com. Everyone who is interested in sharing their knowledge and experience is welcome to upload their articles. Writing articles for http://helpingstudent.com also enables writers (both students and professionals) to add this in their CV and make a remarkable difference. http://helpingstudent.com is glad to give all the writers, acknowledgement letter for their valuable co-operation.
Helping Students’ proofreading services offers omission of sentence structural and grammatical mistakes from any piece of work. Proof-readers at Helping Student aim to give your work the best language. Helping Student Ltd. holds the authority to decline any proof-reading job if the language used in the document is incomprehensible. Your document will be kept in our secured server for four weeks after its receiving time.
P.s: Proof-readers at proofreading.helpingstudent.com DO NOT amend the meanings of your work.
Helping Students ltd. organizes sport tournaments for students with the aim of helping students financially and to keep them well-entertained. Stay updated for our upcoming sports events on sports.helpingstudent.com.
accomodation.helpingstudent.com helps you find the best suitable place to call home! Whether you are a current or previous student, Helping Students’ accommodation services have various options for you when looking for a place to live.